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Drying out structural spaces is a crucial part of remediation after water intrusion. Speed is critical, as sitting excess water or moisture continues to be a threat allowing for continued deterioration of materials. The drying out process needs to be both effective and flexible. Sometimes additional heat is required on areas proving hard to dry. Our Universal Air Mover Heater (UAMH) is a cleverly designed unit to transform your air mover into a thermal drying unit, whether axial or centrifugal.   

So many features grace the Universal Air Mover Heater. Adjustable poles allows the unit to be modified to the width of your fan. Weighing only six lbs., the unit is extremely portable and easy to work with when your technic mounts it to your fan. The UMAH creates 6,138 BTU'sof heat using 1,800 watts of power. There are two heating elements - two plugs- of 7.5 amps each for a total of 15 amps. All this power allows for up to 100 plus square feet of heating. Perfect for small jobs on its own or giving additional support for larger surfaces. Another key design feature is an adjustable thermostat allowing for control of heat created. The Universal Air Mover Heater comes with a one year Manufacturer's warranty on both parts and labor. As an added incentive, when you purchase four heaters, we will include a free carrying case. All this makes the Universal AIr Mover Heater a great tool for your teams!

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