Turtle Power Distribution Box

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Turtle Power Distribution Box In

There is nothing more frustrating as when you set up all your drying equipment on a water damage and end of tripping the breakers. This is an even bigger problem when drying older homes. Your techs waste to much time trying to get all the restoration equipment running, which drives down your job profitability. To make matters worse, your water damage crews usually end up having to remove air movers, dehumidifiers, or specialty heat dry equipment and put it back on the truck. Now the job is going to take longer to dry, and to top it off; your job profit margins are tanking even more! 

That all can be avoided when you purchase the Turtle Power Distribution Box designed by ASD Products. Our power distribution center allows your restoration technicians to tap into the dryer and stove receptacles and create an additional (4) 15 AMP breakers with a 30 AMP main breaker protection. Now your techs can quickly get all the power they need to drop more air mover, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, or heat drying equipment they need to dry the job fast, while driving up your profit margins! 

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