The Cube Heater – Heat Drying System

Heat Drying System In

The Cube Heater - Heat Drying System In

Time to get aggressive with your drying! Designed with you in mind, the Cube Heater sets itself apart in the industry with its looks, power, and specifications that were designed specifically for use inside your clients home.

4, 8, 12, how high can they go? At a mere 19.5 pounds, the Cube Heater not only looks great, but its dynamic shape makes it beyond easy to stack and transport to the job site. This allows for greater ease of use on large and small jobs. As we mentioned while it was designed for use in the residential setting, with 14,000 BTU’s behind it, the Cube Heater is more than capable of helping you get to your drying goal with ease on even your most significant commercial losses.

Do you need to dry fast, or have special drying conditions? Not a problem. With an adjustable thermostat, we allow you to control your environment to achieve your goals and your rate.

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