Sterilizair Air Scrubber

Sterilizair Air Scrubber In

Sterilizair Air Scrubber In

When working on a mold remediation project or a water damage with contaminates or even dust from doing controlled demolition of affected building materials, you should be running an air filtration device such as ASD's Sterilizair. We have designed our air scrubber to run on only 1.4 AMPS. The Sterilizair comes with a pre-filter and a HEPA Filter. We also sell charcoal filters when you need to reduce odor like when working on a fire damage restoration project. There is no reason to worry about your techs keeping track of when to change the filter either, as we incorporated a "Change Filter Indicator" light to keep things simple. 

The Sterilizair is a patent-pending air scrubber with multi-port exhaust vents. These exhaust ports will circulate the air in the containment area so the air filtration device can work with superior efficiency. There is nothing on the market today as advanced as ASD's Sterilizair!

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