Restoration Eliminator


The Restoration Eliminator has 4 plugs that run off of 12 amps each making it the best choice for residential properties that run 15 amp breakers. It also has a long nose made for 6″ ducting and comes with 25′ of ducting. The machine is controlled by an external Ranco thermostat so you can control the temperature of the area you wish to target.

  • 20,460 BTU’s of Heat

  • 6,000 Watts

  • 8 Heating Elements (4 plugs)

  • 12 Amps per Plug (48 total Amps)

  • 200 CFM fan inside the machine

  • External Adjustable Thermostat

  • Weight 42Lbs

  • Treats up to 500 square feet for drying structures

  • Xactimate Code: WTR HTAM
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty on Parts and Labor

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If heat is the key, then targeting heat is the lock, key, and whole darn door.  Time and time again we have heard that if you want to speed drying, apply heat.  The Restoration Eliminator does just that and goes above and beyond by allowing you to direct the heat specifically where you want it.

Tenting is a breeze, behind cabinets, no problem, the Restoration Eliminator will help you dry faster to eliminate the need to remove previously regarded as unsalvagable material.

Designed for the residential setting, but powerful enough for your commercial losses the Restoration Eliminator utilizes 20,460 BTUs of heat to dry up to 500 square feet of a structure.  To hot for you maybe, no problem. With an external adjustable thermostat, we understand that some contractors can just handle the heat better than others.


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