Elite Eliminator


The Elite Eliminator has 4 plugs that run off of 12 amps each making it the best choice for residential properties that run 15 amp breakers. It has a large axial opening capable of delivering the heat you need for expediting the drying process. The machine is controlled by an Internal temperature control that will cycle on and off to keep the desired area at the set temperature.

  • 20,460 BTU’s of Heat

  • 6,000 Watts

  • 8 Heating Elements (4 plugs)

  • 12 Amps per Plug (48 total Amps)

  • 1500 CFM

  • Adjustable Thermostat

  • Weight 40Lbs

  • Treats up to 500 square feet for drying structures

  • Stacks Securely 8 High
  • Xactimate Code: WTR HTAM
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty on Parts and Labor

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One of the most efficient heater products for drying commercial structures. Especially designed for general heat application. The Elite Eliminator delivery the most efficient amount of heat into the given area for faster drying times.


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