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SS Axial Air Mover In Sunrise, FL

When drying water-damaged structures, you need the best equipment on the market, and that is why we have built the SS Axial Air Mover. You need an air mover that is super slim, so that you can load your emergency response vehicles with the maximum amount of axial air movers. Power is always an issue, so we designed our axial air mover to push 3100 CFM at only 1.8 amps! To make things even better, we made them daisy-chainable too. You can daisy change 6 of our fans up to a single 15 amp circuit!

Heat drying is growing more in more in our industry, and many air movers haven't been designed to run at high temperatures. Our SS Axial Air Mover can run in temps up to 158 degrees! We don't think you could choose a better piece of drying with as many features and quality for the price of our SS Axial Air Mover.

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