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Universal Air Mover Heater in West Lealman, FL, 33709, Pinellas County (7875)

Universal Air Mover Heater in West Lealman, FL

Restoration professionals depend on drying equipment that is reliable and efficient. And as speed is always a factor in reducing the harmful effects of water intrusion, your technicians would benefit from a tool that would allow them to work faster. Having equipment that enables them to have this ability would, in the end, save both time and money. ASD's Universal Air Mover Heater is just what your teams need to work with within such time and space constraints.

Our Universal Air Mover Heater (UAMH) comes with a Manufacturer's warranty on both parts and labor for one year. Conversion from air mover to heater is a breeze as the unit weighs a mere six pounds and due to poles that adjust to the width of your fan. And best of all, it can be used with both axial and centrifugal fans! Running on 1,800 watts, the UAMH produces 6,138 BTUs of heat, which can give your technicians 100 + square feet of heating power. Each unit comes with two plugs - two heating elements that draw a total of 15 amps with 7.5 amps each. An adjustable control allows your technicians to control the temperature produced. All these features were designed to your teams the edge when dealing with water damages. Last but not least, when you buy four heaters, we will give you a free carrying case!   

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