Distribution Box In Citrus Springs, FL

Turtle Power Distribution Box in Citrus Springs, FL, 34433, Citrus County (4404)

Turtle Power Distribution Box In Citrus Springs, FL

Tripping breakers can pose a problem for crews working with multiple electrical equipment units - dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air movers, or heat dryers, for example. Time is lost unless a supplemental source of power distribution is available. To meet this need, ASD Products offers the Turtle Distribution Box. All of our cords and our box are UL listed for safety. The Turtle runs off of either a stove or dryer outlet. And we have a variety of cords for your technicians to use in either case. Each Turtle comes with both 1 X 3 prong and 1 X 4 prong dryer cords and both 1 X 3 prong and 1 X 4 prong range cords. In addition, for even greater flexibility, we have added a 4 X 15' Blue 12g lighted extension cord. The power box gives you 60 amps of power with four GFCI's. Using GFCI's makes it ideal for use in mitigation of water damages. Each of the four GFCIs has its own 15 amp breaker as well. Rolling bags with back straps mean that this unit is easy to move, use, and store. Just what you need to help your technicians work more quickly and efficiently!

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