Heat Drying System In Lighthouse Point, FL

The Cube Heater – Heat Drying System in Lighthouse Point, FL, 33064, Broward County (1116)

The Cube Heater - Heat Drying System In Lighthouse Point, Florida

Designed with residential structures in mind, the Cube from ASD Products offers outstanding drying power. We at ASD know that speed is a big part of preventing further structural damage and the development of harmful microbial growth that could affect the health of residents and workers. The Cube gives your technicians a tool to promote evaporation using heat quickly and is easy to use. The Cube weighs only 19.5 pounds making it easier to move around from set up to storage. Its size means that the units may be used to target those hard to reach spaces in a home - a closet, a crawlspace, for example. Yet the Cube gives your team power with 14,000 BTUs of heat on 4, 140 watts. An adjustable thermostat allows your technicians to control heat temperatures. Rotating at 600 CFM, the Cube will cover roughly 600 square feet. Each unit comes with three plugs (heating elements) working at 12 amps per element. There is a one-year warranty on both parts and labor as well. And don't let the fact that it was designed for residential use to stop you from using it on smaller commercial jobs - the Cube is ready to meet all your drying needs!

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