Sterilizair Air Scrubber In Penney Farms, Florida, 32043

Sterilizair Air Scrubber in Penney Farms, FL, 32043, Clay County (9431)

Sterilizair Air Scrubber In Penney Farms, FL

Contaminants in the air are by-products of mold remediations as well as restoration projects after fire or water damage. ASD offers to restoration professional high-quality air filtration devices to handle your air quality needs. Our pre-filter handles larger particles which should extend the life of the unit. The HEPA filter's fine mesh traps smaller particles created by the restoration process. We sell an optional charcoal filter as well. Sterilizair is a 600 CFM unit which operates at 1.4 AMPS. This patent-pending AFD features an hour meter, a multi-port vent, and has variable speeds. For ease of use by your technicians, there is a change filter indicator.

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