Heat Drying Equipment In Tierra Verde, Florida, 33715

Heat Drying Equipment in Tierra Verde, FL, 33715, Pinellas County (1083)

Restoration Eliminator - Heat Drying System in Tierra Verde, FL

The effectiveness of heat drying has gone to another level with the design of Restoration Eliminator! Our portable 42 lb thermal heating unit is designed with flexibility and reliability in mind. The Restoration Eliminator can dry up to 500 square feet per unit. There is a long nose for 6" ducting, and also 25' of ducting comes standard with this model. You have control of the heat with an external adjustable Ranco thermostat. With 20,460 BTU's this is a valuable feature! Four plugs with eight heating elements drawing 12 Amps per plug add to the versatility of the Eliminator. Other features that add to the effectiveness of this unit are a 200 CFM fan located inside the unit and 600 Wattage. Adding to the exceptional quality of our Eliminator is a one year Manufacturer's warranty on both parts and labor.

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