Heat Drying Equipment In Parkland, Florida, 33067

Heat Drying Equipment in Parkland, FL, 33067, Broward County (1002)

Restoration Eliminator - Heat Drying System in Parkland, FL

When it comes to drying a structure fast, you must add hot, dry airflow to the water! Nothing brings that heat like the Restoration Eliminator. The restoration industry has been moving away from traditional drying methods using only air movers and dehumidifiers. Restoration contractors have learned of the years that while that was good back in the 80s and 90s, times have changed with the advancements in technology. Many studies & tests have been performed by water damage restoration industry leaders that support the many benefits of heat drying. 

Stay ahead of your competition with ASD's Restoration Eliminator. We designed this piece of heat drying equipment with 20,460 BTUs of heat! It has 8 heating elements to add the energy you need for fast structural drying. The Restoration Eliminator runs on only 12 AMPs per plug (4 plus total) so that you can dial up the heat has required. With 200 CFM fan inside the machine and deductible, you can direct the heat easily where you need it. Finally, it has an external adjustable thermostat and weights on 42 lbs. You will not find a better-designed piece of heat drying equipment on the market like the Restoration Eliminator!

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