Heat Drying Equipment In Cooper City, Florida, 33024

Heat Drying Equipment in Cooper City, FL, 33024, Broward County (5785)

Restoration Eliminator - Heat Drying System in Cooper City, FL

Drying out structures as quickly as possible is always a goal when water has intruded into a structure. This drying out is necessary to lessen the harmful effects that water can have. Our Restoration Eliminator has the advanced technology that those in the restoration industry need to accomplish water removal safely and quickly. Our machine generates 20,460 BTU's of heat and comes equipped with an adjustable external Ranco thermostat to allow for temperature control. These units come with four plugs with eight heating units. Running off 12 amps each makes this machine perfect for use in residences with 15 amp breakers. Our Eliminators weigh in at only 42 lbs, making them easy to move around to specified target areas. We have provided you with two options for ducting. There is 25 ft of ducting but also has long nose construction for 6" ducting requirements. This thermal drying equipment treats up to 500 square feet of drying space with 200 CFM fans inside the machine. Further enhancing the efficiency of this unit are 6,000 Watts of power. Finally, there is a one year manufacturer's warranty on both parts and labor, making it the best choice in the industry! 

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